Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going home

Our trip back home was easier and harder. Garrick and Aleksia slept quite a bit, and Trestin slept some on the first flight, but was wild on the second. Oh well. We made it in one piece!
Another BIG thank you to Cameron and Nicole. For housing us, despite them being newlyweds, and the use of his car. It saved us soo much! Despite the humidity, Houston would be a great place. But that humidity SUCKS! And we weren't there in the heat of the summer!


Bowles said...

Wow! Its looks like you guys had a fun and eventful trip. I am glad you got to go and the kids made it in one piece. I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather here now that you are back.

Shannon B said...

MAN that looked awesome!!!! I love all the all looked so incredibly fun. I want a fun vacation like that! I really liked your bros reception pictues, it looked really authentic and I am sure the food was yummy!!! The water park looked really fun too, we took our kids to Silverwood last summer and all they did was complain that the water was too cold the whole time and they were scared to go down the slides. I was surprised that you said that was the kids fav part! Sea World, the Alamo I am jealous!!!!! Glad you made it back in one piece!! So you and Than should come to Spokane in October and go to Phantom of the Opera with us!!!! TTYS!!