Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Princess Wishes

On November 28th, we went to Spokane and watched Princess Wishes with cousins Sloane and Stella (and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Courtney too). The kids, especially Aleksia LOVED it!
Sorry, I didn't flip it. But here is Aleksia, dressed in her Princess Aurora clothes, ready to go watch "Princesses on Ice"

Cinderella in her carriage

Ariel, prior to being changed into a human by Ursula

Aleksia and Garrick enthralled in the show. The smiles on their faces when it started where priceless. It make me forget that I couldn't see a thing because Amazon Woman was sitting in front of me.

The finale when Mickey and Minnie (they'd come out in between the Princesses, introducing them) and the Princesses and their Princes

Tinkerbell rode in the carriage during the finale.