Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our First Christmas on our own!

This year was our first year not going to the Tri-Cities. I had to work the floor (Med/Surg Night shift charge nurse) Friday-->Sunday, then I was on call for L&D on Christmas Day. At first I was sad, about not being able to participate in all the family traditions, but this year we got to start our own, which was kinda nice.
Our tiny little tree, someday we'll get a bigger fake one, when we have a real house.

All bathed and ready for Santa to come. Aleksia trying to keep Trestin there for a "Kodak Moment"

"Mom! We have to make cookies!" says Garrick at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

"Why?" I asked. "For Santa!" he replied.

Seeing as I still had a TON to do, plus be in on the "Christmas Call" to my brother on a mission in Hungary (love ya Uncle B!), I came up with this,

"How about we leave a healthy snack for Santa ('cause Santa's still trying to loose the baby weight left from 3 kids!)"

So below the stockings (Santa just fills stockings at our house, why should we give the credit to an imaginary guy for buying them toys) they put their treats for Santa and the reindeer (carrots).

All tucked in, cause Santa can't come till your asleep ya know!

He wasn't quite sure what to do, but he sure enjoyed it by all the funny faces he'd make!

Aleksia getting a chest of princess dress up clothes. She'd wear one set for a while, then would change into a different one, a true girl, changing her clothes 50 million times a day.

He was sooo excited to have a tool set like we gave to Kody & Jack. As we where rapping theirs he cried because he wanted them. Little did he know, he'd be getting the same set.

Great Grandma Huston & Grandpa Huston got her a tiara, earings, and a "magic wand." She was in HEAVEN! "It's sooo beautiful Mom!" she'd say as she hugged it.

Mr. Excited!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


The Kay Family said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas, and the kids got plenty of new fun things to play with!! It looks like our house!!

Bowles said...

I am glad you all have a good Christmas! Its nice to start your own traditions sometimes. Looks like the kids got tons of good stuff.
Have a wonderful day!