Thursday, November 8, 2007

Garrick's 5th Birthday!

Than saw the idea on a cooking show on PBS, and it sounded fun, and it looked really realistic. It was "burgers and fries." The bun is a yellow cake mix cooked in a tuna can, cut in half, the top was glazed with corn syrup and then sprinkled with seaseme seeds. The hamburger was a brownie cooked in a cookie sheet, then cut out using the tuna can. The fries where sugar cookies rolled thin and baked. The ketchup and mustard is yellow and "red" (it was pink really, I couldn't get it to turn red) frosting put in squeezy bottles. I think I got a bigger kick out of them then the kids did. Oh, and not show are the pickles (kiwi's sliced thin). The pickles where a big hit and disapeared fast before I could make my burger.
Top left corner and then clockwise is Madyson Mickelsen, Makenzie Mickelsen, Morgan Mickelsen, and Kody Gotfredson.

Garrick, Maren Gotfredson (who I do preschool with), Kody Gotfredson, and Jack Gotfredson.

Aleskia putting "mustard" on her burger.

All set up for the party!

Morgan Mickelsen "Pinning the Candle on the Birthday Cake"

Aleksia trying to smash the pinata as Jeniel Mickelsen holds it up.

"Quick grab the candy!"

Garrick blowing out his 5 candles on his "Burger."

Although short, fast, and to the point (start to finish was about 35 minutes) I think all had a good time. It's crazy that we now have a 5 year old! Next year is kindergarden. My how time flies!


The Kay Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a fun party, and AWESOME cake too!! Great job! I bet Garrick loved it all. I can't believe he is 5 yrs. old, has it really been THAT long since you were just pregnant with him? Whew, time flys!

Mower Family said...

Ok so I am just figuring out this blog stuff and it is very cool. It is great to see pictures of you guys and I can't believe Garrick is 5 already, it was just yesterday.....What a great looking bunch. Catherine Mower

The Kay Family said...

Oh, by the way, TAG-you're it!! I am tagging you to blog about 6 little known facts about yourself and then tag others to do the same. Have fun! You can see my 6 on our blog.

Anonymous said...

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