Monday, April 5, 2010

Science Fair

The kids participated in the optional Science Fair at school this year. Garrick dropped eggs in a tupperwear container surrounded buy soft or hard stuff, to see which would protect the egg or not. Aleksia soaked 4 different kinds of beans (100 each) in 1 cup of water, then found out which kind soaked up the most water.
These two should have been at the end, so pretend! For participating, they each got a medal! Which they obviously like, because they wear it around the house like jewelry!
Closer view of the medal

Garrick dropping one of the eggs. I think this was his favorite part!

Nope, not protected in the beans

Nope, not in the rice either!

Aleksia's pics are mainly on another memory card, but here's some of her beans that soaked for 19 hours.

The kidney beans were the winner, at 1.25 oz of water soaked up by 100 beans. She thought the garbanzo beans would win.

Garrick by his finished poster

And Aleksia by hers

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