Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Palouse Empire Fair was last week (Sept 10-13) and the kids had a ball! For the 3rd year a coworker and I ran the Baby Barn and as usual was a huge hit with the baby/toddler crowd! I personally used it alot this year in feeding Cassiah! It was a crazy time with kids in school now! On Thursday and Friday Trestin, Cassiah, and I would head out early and Than would get Garrick and Aleksia off to school then head off to work. We'd be back in time to pick Aleksia up at school at 11:10, eat lunch, and then Trestin would go down for a nap. By the time Garrick got home at 3pm Trestin would be awake and we'd head out to the fair again! Saturday Garrick and Than went fishing in the morning while Aleksia, Trestin, Cassiah and I went to the fair, then they met us with food at lunch. The kids did the rides on Saturday also, so it was a very tiring day for them! Two of my Activity Day girls (sisters) showed steers for the first time and they did amazing! I was so proud of them out there in the ring with these HUGE animals that make me nervous. I am VERY much a city girl! It was so fun to watch them, way to go Anna Lee and Caralena! The kids all entered stuff in the fair again, which they love to go look at and awe at their ribbons (which everyone gets, but I'm not going to burst their bubbles). All in all it was a long but fun time, and they can't wait till next year!

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