Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catch up!

So life has been a bit crazy, so I'll play a bit of catch up.
The kids and Than at the bus stop. Yesterday I rode the bus with all four kids to Than's work (WSU) and we had lunch with him. The kids LOVE to ride the bus! Cassiah is in a carrier on me, so we weren't in the pic.

We have some very friendly squirrels! I have a container that holds the remaining bird food that doesn't fit in the bird feeder, and it drives some of them crazy! They will even come right up to the window, put their tiny paws on the window and look in at us. It's usually when we are eating is when they do it. As if they are saying, "Uh, what's for lunch/dinner?"

Here are some sideways versions of my Thank you cards I'm slowly getting done!

Here are all 4 in their Easter clothes!

Cassiah in her "Easter" dress. Aleksia was so excited to have a sister now to match. She told everyone at church that her baby sister has a dress just like her!

Aleksia was the photographer for Cassiah's first real bath! She didn't do too bad taking pictures!

More bath time, in the kitchen sink. Our one bath tub is at an angle, so it's hard to wash a newborn in, so we settled for the kitchen sink!

An awake little girl!


Shannon B said...

AWWW precious!! Alekesia IS a good photographer! Cassiah is so adorable! I hope you are having fun with her! Are you getting any sleep yet?? I must see you soon girl!

Suzie-Q said...

It was fun to be there yesterday and see her.
I think it is so cool that you can take evryone on the bus for an adventure to go see Dad at work, What a lucky Daddy to have his family come for Lunch.

Ryan and Sarah's Family said...

Happy Birthday to you on the 2nd. Since I am thrity 12 days before you I have started to feel that being 30 is distinguished. So you now you can be distinquished with me. 3 out of our 4 kids share a birthday with a relative so far!

Alissa said...

Absolutely adorable group you have there! I have to admit the pictures of Cassiah make me anxious to have our little guy here with us. A few more weeks, hopefully....

The Kay Family said...

You are an amazing Mom, Danielle!!!! Little Cassiah is a beautiful, sweet little thing. And your super creative Thank You cards look awesome (including the pictures!!)

The Weldons said...

Ohhh! That blessing dress is adorable. I love your Easter clothes too! Little Cassiah's dress is so cute on her.