Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow, snow, and MORE snow!

Yes, this is an old post. But since it's a REALLY slow night at work (no women are going into labor in the Colfax area tonight), so it's time to play catch up from before and after the move. During our 3 weeks of delay on signing we had some big snow storms dumping tons of snow! The kids of course loved it! Mom, not so much any more. Especially since it was the same time that Than had pneumonia, so that left me, the pregnant lady to do the shoveling. Oh well, I survived!
Garrick standing on top of the mound of snow that was accumulating from shoveling the side walk.

Our drive way and mounds of snow!

Aleksia sledding down the hill behind our old house.

Go Garrick go!

This was supposed to be before the last two pics, but oh well. Behind our house was a hill, that in the nonsnowy times is sage brush. Well the kids loved to walk half way up to the flat spot, then sled down. That first drop was quite a big one! I went down with them 5/6 times to get a "path" for them to follow in, then they where off!

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