Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am Tagged-
I am: a wife, mother, nurse
I know: that everything happens for a reason
I want: to go to sleep! It's a slow night at work, hence why I'm doing this!
I dislike: onions
I miss: my family! I feel like I'm either working or sleeping because I just worked! Working full time night shift SUCKS!
I feel: like my head is bearly above water these days
I hear: the quiet of patients sleeping, ahhh
I want to: go eat my dinner, I'm hungry
I smell: our new hospital. It doesn't smell like a hospital though! Probably because it's still new
I crave: Safeway Chinese food! More of a "always sounds good" instead of a "crave" though
I cry: more then I should, darn hormones of pregnancy!
I search: for clean clothes for the kids, I really need some days off to sort through laundry and put away the clean and wash the dirty!
I wonder: how in the world we are going to move and clean with in a 12 day time period with me only having 4 days off, AND Christmas in the middle!!!
I regret: not having more self esteem/confidence in HS
I love: my family!
I care: making a difference in my children's lives
I worry: that I'm not spending the quality time with my kids like I should be. There just isn't enough time in the day!
I remember: not a hole lot these days!
I believe: in miracles
I dance: only if no one's looking
I don't: do many things I should (I agree with Sarah)
I argue: with my children daily
I write: lots of doctor's orders tonight
I win: not very often
I lose: more often then I win
I wish: we where already moved! And could enjoy Christmas in our new house!
I listen: to Christmas music already!
I can usually be found: at home or work, it feels like a 50/50 thing
I am scared: that something will happen to Than or the kids
I need: my bed!
I forget: alot of things lately!
I am happy: that we are finally buying a house!
I tag: any one who wants to play

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