Friday, July 25, 2008

A B C's of Danielle

A- Aunt. Aunt to Aubrey, Emmaleena, Sloane, Stella, Geoffrey, Cyrus, and Kyan.

B- Babies. I love working with the babies at the hospital!

C- Computer. I couldn't live without it! Craft projects, blogging, email, etc.

D- Disneyland. Truly a magical place, that I want to go back to! Plus I love most Disney movies.

E- Embellishments. Scrapbookers don't lie, they embellish!

F- Fishing. A favorite past time growing up, and currently.

G- Gryffindor. I love Harry Potter!

H- Hugs. I love hugs from my kids. Trestin gives the best ones, they are so tight!

I- iPod. I recently got one from my mom, and slowly becoming addicted!

J- Juice. At work my choice of beverage is 2 cans pineapple juice, and one small can of lemon lime shasta. Yum!

K- Kiss. I love kisses from Than and cheek kisses from the kids.

L- Lactation Counselor. I love helping mothers to feed their babies!

M- Mother. What I always wanted to be when I grew up.

N- Nickle Arcade. Was a blast in Utah, I wish one was in Pullman.

O-One true love. I found him, his name is Than!

P- Patience. My wonderful children help me gain everyday!!!

Q- Quick Quotes. A great scrapbooking retailer. My favorite booth at CKC!

R- Rollerskating. Haven't done it in along time, but was a favorite activity to go rollerskating at Skate West in TC growing up.

S- Scrapbooking. Someday I'll have the time again...

T- Texas. A very fun (but hot) place to visit!!!

V- Veggie Tales. Just saw the new one, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything in the theater with the kids. It was cute!

W- Wii. Very fun to play! The kids and I play Mario Kart, it's good for my ego, somebody I can beat!

X- "X"cited. Excited to move into a house (still searching) and to transition into the newly remodeled hospital. The LDRP (Labor Delivery Recovery & Post Partum) rooms are HUGE!

Y- Yearning. To have a house of our own!

Z-Zzzzz. Can never seem to get enough of. Between kids and almost 8 years of night shift.

Now I challenge all of you to post your own A B C's!


Nicole Fisher said...

LoL, "T" for TEXAS!! I love it!!

The Yancey Family said...

You are the craftiest person I know! The good kind of crafty, not the sneaky kind!