Friday, April 25, 2008

Trestin's first head trauma

So Trestin had his first head trauma today! He was walking out of their bedroom, probably tripped on some toys, and hit his head on the corner (I am assuming) of the door way. I could tell this wasn't just a small "Owe" by his cry, and ran to pick him up. He cuddled into me, so I didn't get to immediately see the damage, until about 5 seconds after I picked him up. WOW! It was already about an inch tall, and getting bigger. I cuddled him for a few more seconds, rechecked it, and it had doubled in size, to about 2 inches tall! I got a cold wash cloth to put on it (it's the only thing that could get all around the area without hurting him more), and it started to get a lot better. These pictures are after that. It looked SOO much worse prior to the pics, but by this point he was a bit happier, as you can tell. Tonight it's looking even better, and occasionally he'll bump it, and grab his head, not on the "owe" though, and say "Owe!" with a frown. Poor guy. Even though it looks like it broke the skin, there was actually only a tiny speck of blood on my white shirt afterwards. One of many "owe's" I'm sure!


The Kay Family said...

Yowzers!! That one is definitely going to leave a mark. Poor thing! I hope he is feeling better now.

Jen said...

ouch!!! poor kid. good thing his mom is a nurse! :)

so garrick cracked me up in primary today- he was sitting next to me in closing exercises for primary and leans over and says "so i'm going to undo my shirt...but that's ok- i have another one on underneath." he's so funny. that kid knows EVERY primary song, too- holy cow! :)

Tarah said...

It's amazing how resilient kids are. Look at how he's smiling even with the big owie! Poor kid.