Wednesday, October 17, 2007

School Days...

A friend and I started a "Preschool" together with our older kids. Garrick and Kody are about 2 weeks apart, Aleksia and Jack are 3 months apart, and Trestin and Weston are 3 days apart! Crazy that there's someone out there with kids almost the same age as our kids! So Tuesdays I do school, and Maren has the 4 of them on Thursdays.
1-Painting some plaster of paris letters A-E and numbers 1-5 on review day
2-During "recess" they like to ride down our small hill in Garrick's big truck
3-Garrick and Kody making ice cream on "I" day, it was too cold for them, so they managed to find gloves
4-Aleksia rolling her ice cream around with a towel
The kids really seem to love it. I just hope they are learning something, and it's not just "playtime with Kody and Jack!"


The Kay Family said...

Welcome to Bloggerland Danielle!! It is such an easy way to share pictures and updates with friends and family, I know you will love it!! It looks like you are doing a great job with your "preschool" Keep it up! The kids are getting so big too!!

The Clayson Clan said...

Hey Dano,
I'm so glad you started a blog. It will be so fun to see all the fun things your family does! Looks like preschool is going good! You are such a great mom!

Shannon B said...

Danielle, it is sooo fun to see your pictures and see what you are up to! Syd has been asking how Garrick is and now I can show her the pictures and info about him! Hope you guys are doing well!! YOU HAVE ADORABLE kids!!!!!